Flies Around It - self-titled 7" reviews

Razorcake (online)
Driving-yet-wandering, emo-style hardcore with shouted vocals. The vocals on some songs are done in that spoken then screamed way that reminds me of Slint and all the bands they influenced. It’s pretty good, but not very memorable, nor does it call for repeat plays. If you’re a big fan of the post-hardcore kind of thing, you might like this.

Mountain Xpress (from 2011 Notable Punk/Metal/Hardcore Releases (In No Particular Order))
I was excited for this because everyone in the band produces such great music (Kakistocracy, Sunshine SS, Soft Opening, Grouch, Yes M'aam). For me it was hard to pin point exactly where all of their influences are, but it channels very proggy, experimental/loud, emo, something that you would find in the 90s. I love the 7" and I love seeing the band.
-Matt Evans