Jacuzzi Suicide self-titled 7" reviews

Razorcake (#43, April/May 2008)

Eighties hair metal via glam and moustaches, given the '00 DIY punk treatment. Falsettos. Cow bells. Guitar "solos". Judas Priest-y. Got it. Celebrity Skin: pretty rad band. Memorable tunes. The Lee Harvey Oswald Band's Blastronaut, I can't recommend highly enough, and it's a concept album with aliens, to boot. Both of those bands had previous punks. I appreciate Jacuzzi Suicide's spirit, and I wouldn't rule them out live, but, on record, it's not clever enough for me to enjoy strictly as parody, or rockin' enough on its own merits to excuse a genre of music I had to suffer through (sans irony) for close to two decades growing up. The main vocalist's delivery rushes me back to a dark, dark time and place that is accompanied by very violent thoughts. Sorry.

-Todd Taylor

Give Me Back (#5, summer 2009)

My first thought upon looking at this 7” and putting it on for the first listen was “is this a joke?” While listening to this record, it seems like I am at a 2009 hair metal revival concert with Motley Crue and Warrant playing. I feel like this band would be the opening band on a show like that. There are a lot of 80s trashy glam rock riffs, leather pants, and aviator sunglasses, and lots of hairspray. It also seems like the type of music that would be played by the people interviewed in heavy metal parking lot, especially the guy in the zebra outfit. The only difference being that I really enjoy watching heavy metal parking lot. For fans of 80s metal party rock.

-Meghan Minior