...past news updates...

1/3/15: A new year. No announcements for now but a couple projects are still being discussed. Until then, enjoy the Humdinger top 10 albums of 2015:

1)Priests - Bodies and Control and Money and Power (Don Giovanni/Sister Polygon)
2)PyPy - Pagan Day (Slovenly/Black Gladiator)
3)Electric Wizard - Time To Die (Spinefarm)
4)Black Rainbow - s/t (Starcleaner)
5)Survival Knife - Loose Power (Glacial Pace)
6)Lecherous Gaze - Zeta Feticuli Blues (Tee Pee)
7)The Budos Band - Burnt Offering (Daptone)
8)Perfect Pussy - Say Yes To Love (Captured Tracks)
9)Nux Vomica - s/t (Relapse)
10)Tacocat - NVM (Hardly Art)

10/25/14: Few things worth a quick mention:

First off, the good people at Fabricoh did a really nice review of the new Flies Around It cassette. Check it out!

As for new releases here at Humdinger, I don't like to make promises but it looks like 2015 could be a big year for this lil ol label! Nothing is definite yet but there's a handful of release projects being discussed with bands that could be involved. Stay tuned!

Speaking of staying tuned, there will be a fairly decent distro update coming...and I mean "decent" in the way it resonates in the vocabulary of Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys. Stuff from Broken Water, Psychic Blood, Black Rainbow, Lilith Velkor, and more on the way! There won't be an announcement on here when this occurs so check the distro out again soon, muthas!

Oh, and probably most importantly: there is only one, I repeat: ONE copy of Peter Stubb's Southern Suicide cassette left in stock. Grab it here! (If this isn't picked up within the next 24 hours I will pass a much scornful judgement upon the universe. Not like that matters, but still...)

7/19/14: After the rad time had on tour and the much needed vacation to old stomping grounds down south, I am back in Brooklyn and getting things back in order. Here's what's going on...

As planned, the Flies Around It All These Years Of Development... cassette dropped on June 24th and is now available on the web-store! There are still several copies left but due to the limited run (100 split between us and Headway Recordings) they likely won't be around for long.

Also other items that were picked up from this year's wild and crazy Do Ya Hear We? Fest in Chattanooga have also been added to the web-store: Purple 7, Dogjaw, Agatha, Ol Scratch, and One Timers are all up in there now. Go check it out!

As for the near future of Humdinger things are going to be slow. Now that I'm back home I also have to work on getting good on debts I owe and won't have the means to funnel a bunch of money into something for us to put out right now. Slowly the distro will be beefed up and I'll be working on ideas for projects in 2015 when I should be totally back on track.

6/14/14: Humdinger Records will be on the road with Exposeur on their mini-tour with Lilith Velkor. The details are below, come rock n roll with us!


JUN 21 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Suburbs w/Polst (OR), Dead Tenants 4PM
JUN 22 - Baltimore, MD @ Barclay House w/Sacridose (Tampa), Spoilage 8PM
JUN 23 - Raleigh, NC @ Slims w/Pie Face Girls, Chimes At Midnight 9PM
JUN 24 - Asheville, NC @ Static Age Records w/Kreamy 'Lectric Santa 8:30 ***Flies Around It cassette release show!
JUN 25 - Hazard, KY @ Cuddle House w/Globsters 7PM
JUN 27 - Chattanooga, TN @ Sluggo's (Do Ya Hear We? Fest) 6PM
JUN 30 - Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter w/Shellshag (BKNY) 5PM ***no Exposeur at this show


Now an easier way to buy Humdinger releases as well as the nearly 100 items currently in the distro. Spend that dough yo!

4/20/14: Here it is, the cover to the upcoming Flies Around It All These Years Of Development... cassette!

The cassette of Flies Around It's full 40 minute set from their last show will be available June 24! Pre-orders coming soon.

The web-store is about to be up any day now. It's essentially done, just trying to make sure that it works exactly how I want it and then it's go time.

Oh, and here's an oldie to celebrate both Easter and 4/20. This was an old Ikkabod patch design (collective artistic product from Derek Eagle and Doug Allison) that unfortunately never got printed. However I found the transparency to share. Happy holidays, burn one for baby Jebus!

4/2/14: The past month and a half have been quite difficult here in Humdinger land. Here, let me tell you all about it.

In mid-February I, JD, fucked myself up really badly in a bicycle accident. I had a spiral fracture of my femur which went up into my hip. I had to have surgery and am now full of lots of fun metal parts. I'm still unable to walk without crutches and almost never leave my basement apartment. Obviously this means that I haven't been working or really doing much of anything outside of playing guitar, video games, and watching way too much television.

So I guess it shouldn't be shocking to hear that the Flies Around It cassette had to be pushed back. Even considering that this will be a more affordable release for us than most it just can't be done right now. Also Headway Recordings, the other label involved with this release, has a full plate for spring. But the good news is the release has only been pushed back to June. Hang in there, it will totally be worth the wait.

Also, since I've had so much time on my hands we are about to finally unveil our new webstore. In a perfect world this will happen this week, but I'm almost willing to guarantee that it will happen this month. Until then: buy something off the old/current distro page and help a crippled jerk in need!

1/9/14: Getting closer to go time everybody! The Flies Around It cassette release of their last show is moving right along and now the Humdinger party wishes to unleash an mp3 of the opening track to the masses!

listen to "I Like Your Feather" here!!!

1/4/14: Happy new year everybody! Hope everyone has recovered and aren't freezing their asses off right now!

The Flies Around It cassette is still on the way. It's been a slower process than anticipated, probably mostly due to the fact that I don't live in the same town as everyone else involved with this project anymore. But everything's being worked out and should be out this winter. Until then, enjoy this silly thing I put together. All ten tracks from the show at once! It's quite maddening to listen to, but I enjoyed it.

Another announcement to make is that Humdinger will FINALLY have our own webstore! I figure everyone enjoys a streamlined approach and I found a place that finally makes sense to use. It's going to take a moment before the store goes online in this format so until then continue to email me for any orders of our releases or anything in the distro.

Also, here's my 2013 best of list if you're into that sort of thing...

1) Is/Is - tour cassette (self-released)
2) Grant Hart - The Argument (Domino)
3) Speedy Ortiz - Major Arcana (Carpark)
4) Joanna Gruesome - Weird Sister (Slumberland)
5) The Oblivians - Desperation (In The Red)
6) Chelsea Light Moving - s/t (Matador)
7) Crystal Stilts - Nature Noir (Sacred Bones)
8) Reivers - Sympathetic Shock (Vendetta)
9) Hunx & His Punx - Street Punk (Hardly Art)
10) Destruction Unit - Deep Trip (Sacred Bones)

Maxi-Reissue Honorable Mentions:
-Unwound - Kid Is Gone (Numero)
-Venom P Stinger 1986-1991 (Drag City)


It's Official: the recording of Flies Around It's last show will see a release on a limited edition pressing of 100 cassettes as a split release with Asheville's Headway Recordings! This should take very little time to get together now that we have the audio sources. In theory this will easily be out before the year's end!

What's special about this recording is that every track outside of one originally released on the 7" has never been properly recorded much less released in any form. Now you can hear Flies Around It as intended in their 40-minute manic goodbye that will soon be available for the masses. I'm so excited to make this Humdinger's first release back after a brief hiatus. Stay tuned as more details develop!

8/14/13: A few updates to mention that I will quickly go over. First off, I just decided to drop the price on the Jacuzzi Suicide 7" to $3! The band has been dead for a while so it seemed reasonable to drop the price since I still have several copies lying around. This was a band I was in for some time. We were a punk band, but a punk band who obsessed over Judas Priest, New York Dolls, and early Motley Crue. I sang mostly in falsetto and we dressed up ridiculously. It was fun. Curious? Well, now curiosity comes at a buck off!

I also decided to drop the price on all CD's and CD-R's in the distro by $1. Consider it a sale price with no end in sight. If you collect CD's there's definitely some great deals in there now!

As for the distro as a whole, I just updated the list for the first time this calender year. The label had to be put on the back-burner while orders came in and a few things got picked up here and there. The distro has thinned out but there's some stuff that was previously unlisted from bands like The Krektones, The Underground Railroad To Candyland, Landlord, Allergic To Bullshit, True Stereo, Ennui, etc. More to come soon!

6/7/13: So, for once, there's a bunch of updates here that you should know about...if that kind of thing matters to you.

So first, the big news: I moved to Brooklyn, NY and of course that means so has Humdinger Records. For the time being all of the inventory is in storage but this does not mean that it is inaccessible. However if you order something it may take some time as, I'm sure it goes without saying, I have tons on my plate. But I am going to the storage unit every week or two and am definitely still taking orders that I can fill while there. The distro is a bit out of date so a small handful of things are out of stock and I have a couple things I still need to list. That may not get updated for a moment, not sure. All I do know is I don't have my records in my living quarters with me anymore so it's kind of hard to be as on top of what I have. For now I'll keep selling records, keep acquiring records to be listed for the distro, and then eventually a distro update will come.

Band news...first off, Flies Around It played their last show last month with Broken Water and That's A Thing. The show was broadcasted live on Asheville Freemedia and I am in the process of getting my hands on a recording. So while, very unfortunately, there was no other recording than the 7" released as was hoped, there is a plan for a limited cassette run release of this live set and Humdinger will have a part in this for sure. If it sounds anything like what I had reported to me from people listening online then this will be a pretty tight compromise to not having a swan-song recording. Sometimes you gotta take what you get and sometimes what you get aint half bad!

Soft Opening are out and about and alive, still killing it on the road here and there. They don't have any road plans currently as they are waiting on getting their second full-length out to the world. Unfortunately Humdinger will most likely not have a hand in helping on this release but you should get really really excited knowing that it's on the way!

Outside of the hopeful Flies' cassette release the projected output from Humdinger is still looking to be slow. My focus for the time being is mostly on getting settled in overall, which I imagine will be somewhat of a continuing process, at least over the summer anyways. But I foresee a big boost in the future of what's to come here and that's pretty cool I'd say. Stay tuned...

1/13/13: Still quiet in the world of Humdinger Records. The label isn't dead, it's not fading away...it's just been hiatus time outside of some distro updates that have went undocumented as of late. Keep ordering them records and more stuff will be on the way eventually. For now here's my late top 10 list of '12:

1) Grass Widow - Internal Logic (HLR)
2) Frozen Teens - s/t (MAULED BY TIGERS)
3) Nu Sensae - Sundowning (SUICIDE SQUEEZE)
4) Common Visions - Dangers Of the Mouth (self-released)
5) Hellshovel - Hated By the Sun (SLOVENLY)
6) Broken Water - Tempest (HARDLY ART)
7) Ty Segall Band - Slaughterhouse (IN THE RED)
8) Screaming Females - Ugly (DON GIOVANNI)
9) Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Meat and Bone (MOM + POP)
10) The Men - Open Your Heart (SACRED BONES)

Honorable Mention (or: notable releases of the year that weren't recorded in '12):
-Hickey - Various States Of Disrepair (1-2-3-4 GO!) *extended re-release of a pre-existing compilation album
-Sonic Youth - Smart Bar Chicago 1985 (GOOFIN') *live set from almost three decades ago

6/4/12: BIG distro update! Additions from Hickey, Screaming Females, Landlord, Purling Hiss, Frozen Teens, and Shellshag (all LPs too!). Come getcha some! More on the way for the disro coming soon...

1/7/12: Things have been fairly quiet in Humdinger land lately. For now, I FINALLY got caught up on a distro update (added stuff from ADD/C, Reigning Sound, Greg Cartwright, Sunshine SS, and Evil Twin) and there's more on the way. Also I'm a lil late on listing my top 10 records of the past year...but better late than never. Of course, I left Humdinger releases off the list but I will go ahead and say the Soft Opening LP was the sexiest release of last year. Don't ask me why, it just is...

1) Electric Wizard - Black Masses (RISE ABOVE)
2) TV Ghost - Mass Dream (IN THE RED)
3) Crystal Stilts - In Love With Oblivion (SLUMBERLAND)
4) Is/Is - This Happening?/Vowel Movement EPs (GUILT RIDDEN POP)
5) Broken Water - Peripheral Star EP (RADIO IS DOWN)
6) Landlord - Beneath the Wheel (RECESS)
7) Acid Baby Jesus - s/t (SLOVENLY)
8) Ty Segall - Goodbye Bread (DRAG CITY)
9) Cruddy - Negative World (12XU)
10) Rabbits - Lower Forms (RELAPSE)

6/12/11: The last 24+ hours have been pretty fucking hard. We lost a good one: Mr. Austin "Vomit" Goins passed away on the 11th at the age of 30.

I can honestly say that, even though I came up with the name for this label, that Humdinger would probably be called something else if he weren't around. I was 15 in a band with him called Cheap Skate. We had just recorded a 10 song EP (hmmm...seems kinda long for an EP eh?) thanks to a battle of the bands contest that they had won just before I had joined the band which won them four full recording sessions. We're sitting around in Dusty's house preparing our final product for release, who was the bassist of the band (and also recorded the Ikkabod EP) and I interjected something along the lines of "ya know...we really should put a record label on this just to make it look 'official' or whatever" (HUM-001). I remembered these crappy pencils I had in elementary school where if you tried to erase what you wrote it just left a pink smear on the paper. I think that's what happens when an eraser goes through water damage. The brand on the pencils was "Humdinger" and I dunno, the idea to use that as a name for the record label seemed funny to me. Everyone went with me and Kevin, our drummer, decided it would be funny if the logo was a hand sporting a thumbs-up. Thus began the "label" and the tradition of hand gestures.

Some years later, we're in a band called Ikkabod (god, I still fucking hate that name) and recorded the second Humdinger release, a seven-song EP (seriously, what was my obsession with calling releases well long enough to be an LP an EP?) which he played bass on. It was his first bass gig and I'm listening to it right now...man, he was a killer bassist, especially considering how he just picked that shit right up and jumped right in to take the place of the original bassist (when we were called Blood Diner...really should've stuck with that band name in hindsight) who only played bass on the E string (sorry Adam!). There was some drama between me and the guitarist, the band broke up, and that was the last I ever played with him.

Then came distance for a plethora of reasons...location, other things that I'd rather not share with you...but I always loved that guy. We used to be so goddamned tight. I might get sick of his obsession over Lookout Records pop-punk, he finally decided that Sonic Youth was a good band...guess who the asshole is? Not him! So casual, so talented, so hilarious. You know how that fuck on The Office made "that's what she said?" so popular? Not like Austin invented it or anything, but he honed it as his craft like no other, way funnier in delivery than the awkward boss of that show. I think from here on out I'll not know whether I should laugh or cry at those jokes. Austin was so fucking good at them.

Now he's gone. I've tried so hard to distance myself from my hometown, where all of this has started, and there are a billion emotions that I am feeling right now: anger, sadness, guilt...the works. Doesn't matter I don't guess. Too little too fucking late either way. Austin, I'm gonna miss the shit out of you. Thank you for being an intregal part of my life growing up in an area that I never was fond of and sure as hell am not fond of now. You helped make me. And I am so infinitely sorry it has to end this way. Green Day's Kerplunk will probably sound like knives stabbing my heart for the rest of my life. Fuck...

I have about six or seven Ikkabod cds (HUM-002) left and I'm giving the rest of them away Wednesday when I go back to Tennessee for his funeral. Just in case you won't be there and would like for me to save you one, contact me and I will save you one. I will mail it to you for free (if you live in the US, that is). Just let me know. Too exclusive of an "offer" sure, but I feel like I should at least try to let those who might be interested have a chance at scoring one. If you are too late to score one by the time you read this, you can go here and score it. I think it's in .wma format which I won't hold a grudge against Doug (the person who runs Scummified, the blog in which this EP, plus all of our other recorded songs, are residing on). Take it or leave it. Whatever...I'm braindead from crying looking at pictures anyways, fuck you if you judge.

This was taken just before we played a show at the Office in Johnson City circa 1998. I definitely live by the philosophy that practicing before a show kills mojo, but I'm sure we did fine that night. RIP homeboy...I'm gonna miss the everloving shit out of you!!!

6/9/11: Two vinyl releases, a two-week tour, and Do Ya Hear We Fest? in Chattanooga all in a month's time...and now it's back to getting back on track and having to look at tourists all the time. The drum circles downtown will be in my nightmares all summer...why did it all have to end?! Fortunately, it all went amazingly I would love to thank all involved with making it all a bitchin' success. You know who you is!

Soft Opening are going to be doing a bit of travelling during the earlier half of summer this year. Here are some dates they already have lined up to conquer:

6.28 @ 529 - Atlanta, GA w/The N.E.C. and Glue
6.29 @ Will's Pub - Orlando, FL w/temples
6.30 @ Tempus Projects - Tampa, FL w/temples
7.1 @ The Exchange - Gainsville, FL w/temples
7.2 @ The Caldonia Lounge - Athens, GA w/ Thick Paint
7.5 @ The Get Down - Asheville, NC w/Bombara
7.23 @ The Lab - Asheville, NC w/Knives and Daggers (LP release)
7.27 @ Secret Project Robot - Brooklyn, NY w/the K-holes

There's now an mp3 from this record online from us for you to grab. Click hear for the 4th track (the album is title-less).

Also, there has been a big distro update, including the addition of the new Witches LP and Bucket Flush 7". Check that business!

4/25/11: May has often times been an exciting time for Humdinger as of the past few years and the coming one is no exception!

So, I'm sure you've noticed that Flies Around It is going on tour with Sunshine SS as the dates are posted above. The 7" will be officially released with the kick-off show in Asheville on Tuesday, May 10th and if you can't make it to any of the shows while they are on tour never fear for you can order it for $4 plus shipping from us starting now! Until then, check out "The Association" from the 7" Exciting much? You better believe it!

The Soft Opening record is also on its way and is scheduled to be released on Saturday, May 28th when they play in Asheville at the Grey Eagle with The N.E.C. (from Atlanta) and Knives And Daggers. Pricing information is still pending but those specs will be figured out very very soon.

Distro update...added the Broken Water LP. Dang...what an amazing fucking band!

3/29/11: So much news, so much going on...

First off, everything for the Soft Opening and Flies Around It releases are essentially right on schedule. In fact, it's been debated which one will see release first. I put my money on Flies Around It with a 7" release show to kick off their tour with Sunshine SS at the Get Down in Asheville, NC on May 9th. Soft Opening (who are also playing the Flies' 7" release show) could have their record out as early as mid-April. I think that's a bit adventerous...but I'm willing to watch them try! Their LP is also now a split release with Family Night (who also helped on the Princess Thunderstorm "Maneater" 7") and After Science as contributing record labels.

Flies Around It played their first show back with Tony on drums earlier in the month with Parts And Labor and Pteradactyl and are FINALLY on a roll again! Flies are playing their second show back tonight with Fat Shadow and have a couple more shows before tour begins. I'm pasting the tour dates below (I will add more info later) as well all the current info on their other shows (including Do Ya Hear We? Fest in Chattanooga after tour!)...activity!!!

Sunshine SS/Flies Around It May Tour!

9: Asheville, NC
12: Raleigh, NC
13: Philadelphia, PA
14: Cambridge, MA
15: Easthampton, MA
16: Brooklyn, NY
17: Pittsburgh, PA
18: Columbus, OH
19: Chicago, IL
20: Milwaukee, WI
21: Carbondale, IL
22: Cincinnati, OH
23: Lexington, KY
24: Johnson City, TN

other upcoming Flies Around It shows (in Asheville unless otherwise noted):

-3/29: @ the Get Down w/Fat Shadow (Bloomington, IN)
-4/3: @ Broadways w/Apache Dropout (Bloomington, IN) & 3 Man Band (Knoxville)
-4/19: @ the Fish Tank w/Broken Water (Olympia, WA)
-6/3: day 2 of Do Ya Hear We? Fest in Chattanooga, TN

One more thing: they played something off the Princess Thunderstorm "Maneater" 7" on Razorcake podcast #129, yippee!

2/3/11: Oh snap, it's 2011! The first update of the year...guess this would be a good time to share my nerdiness and my top 10 list:

10)Starring Wife Of God (Death By Audio)
killer psych-rock is alive and well and consider this your proof

9)Gun Outfit Possession Sound (Post Present Medium)
beautifully spacy and catchy. kinda like Dinosaur Jr's "Bug" if it was super-influenced by lazy rainy days.

8)The Black Angels Phosphene Dream (Blue Horizon)
ridiculous musicianship, mind-melting sounds!

7)Nux Vomica Asleep In the Ashes (Aborted Society)
these guys are getting epic as fuck! six songs is all it took to fill what is probably the first double-LP from a diy hardcore band.

6)ADD/C Busy Days (Mauled By Tigers)
a decade under their belt and the title of best band to ever come from Chattanooga might just be theirs!

5)Peter Stubb Selected Cuts Vol 2 (Family Night)
more wild stuff from Humdinger's favourite wildman!

4)The Budos Band III (Daptone)
huge, instrumental sounds. so much soul!

3)Screaming Females Castle Talk (Don Giovanni)
no ceasing to amaze. they got shredability!

2)Grass Widow Past Time (Kill Rock Stars)
three years in a row in my top three! chills up spine, hair stands on end...just par for Grass Widow's course.

1)Male Bonding Nothing Hurts (Sub Pop)
this one grew on me...hard! upbeat twee, extreme catchiness. probably the best thing Sub Pop's done since they had Nirvana and Mudhoney on their roster.

Now for some label-related news. Soft Opening's record is about ready to be sent to the pressing plant for a pressing of 500-1000. This should happen this week. Flies Around It's 7" is in the same boat, but to the tune of a 400 pressing. The Flies Around It tour is looking to happen in mid-May now and the tour will be done with Sunshine SS (whom MIGHT have a second 7" out in time for this trip). Both bands share a member with limited time so this only makes sense. Looks like the path for this tour is up to New England and then over to the Chicago/Milwaukee area in just under two weeks.

Made a small update in the distro adding the Sunshine SS and Dark Rides 7"s. Buy things, the economy is super awesome!

Sunshine SS mini-tour was fun although it was too bad the last show in Columbia was cancelled due to yet another dumb snowstorm. Check me out working off the stress of a scary ride back home through the storm (thanks to the Sunshine Shake Stick®) with a couple of the other guys chilling in front of the van covered in a sheet of dirty ice.

12/30/10: Tomorrow night (aka: amateur night) Asheville FM's hosting two parties. One is in the west side at De Soto with various DJ's. The other is downtown at the Vault. I will be DJ'ing there as well as Jamie Hepler of Soft Opening. The money Jamie and I make will be going to put out the Soft Opening record. Stop by, give us hi-fives, and help Asheville FM as well as ourselves keep shit alive!

Also: Flies Around It are shooting to tour in May/June. The 7" will be out in May...it's about a 99% definite. Get Stoked!

12/24/10: Humdinger has got some holiday spirit yall! Well, maybe not entirely, but I have been listening to Peter Stubb's "Ol' St Nick" a bunch lately. Definitely the most Christmas music I've listened to in a long time, possibly ever. Peter was actually in town for Thanksgiving. He played a show in Asheville a couple days before. Turns out Thanksgiving was his birthday as well. I had the honour of serving him a turfocken (like a turducken (chicken inside a duck inside a turkey) but with a henny fowl instead of duck) on this day, which I had brutally deboned while listening to Eyehategod my-fucking-self! Everyone raved over the triple bird delicious brutality. I asked Peter if he liked it. "Yeah, it was alright." Check us out hanging out with a Christmas tree:

There is some news about the two releases that have been coming up for a while but keep seeing delays...but it finally looks as if things are getting back on track! First off, Soft Opening decided to re-record their record. The recordings they used before will most likely see the light of day (they fucking better!), but the new recording is finished. Right now we're trying to see who all is getting involved to help release this record and how this will make a difference in the pressing amount (the goal from the band is 1000). But there's already some money involved and yeah, we're projecting this should be out in the spring. That seems reasonable enough...

Flies Around It is slow to getting back on its feet with the departure of the legendary drummer Steve Ritt. There is a new drummer in the band and it's Tony who also just happens to be in Soft Opening. Ah, the incestuous Asheville scene. The plan is for the band to get back on their feet and have this 7" out in time for a tour sometime later this year. If things went miraculously well this one could be out by spring, but this seems more like it won't happen til summer.

Also, there is a moderate distro update featuring newer stuff from Nux Vomica, ADD/C, Landlord, Bobby Joe Ebola And The Children MacNuggits, and Countdown To Armageddon. All the stuff that's in there already is also pretty tight. But you should check this stuff out soon because I'm about to actually take my label and distro out on a mini-tour which is when I do most of my selling. If you can get an order in before January 5th, I will at least be able to put it on hold until I get back from tour if not be able to ship it out beforehand.

What's this tour I speak of? My friends in Sunshine SS are going (even more) south for five days on a mini-tour. They just released a 7" on Death Agonies And Screams (which I will be adding to the distro after tour). The band also features Matt from Kakistocracy and Flies Around It. If you would like to come catch Sunshine SS and maybe even the distro out on the road (no shipping costs yo!), that would be lovely. Unfortunately I don't know anything about the venues or who we might be playing with as of now. If I get that information before tour I will try to post it on here. But regardless, here's what I do know:

Come hang If you are in any of those towns! That is all.

10/1/10: Quick news update here. First off, I just did a HUGE update to the record label distro, so big that it would be dumb to try to list it all in here so go look at that for seriously. Secondly, the Soft Opening and Flies Around It releases are still in the works, but are on their way. Timetables? Right now, I really don't know except it won't be this year. Everything is going slowly and I am thinking that when it comes to Humdinger Records that it may be wise to work a lil harder on distribution with the releases that I still have available, that way when the next releases come out I'll have more options for getting everything out to the public at my disposal. So, while it may be an unfortunate factoid that 2010 is the first year Humdinger won't have released anything since 2006, rest assured...we's growin' and keepin' it goin' yall!

5/27/10: Wow, it's been a while since I've kept on top of the record label styles, which is unfortunate. Couple reasons for this. First off, I'm heavily involved with Asheville FM which is a new station in town. Been doing a show on Wednesday nights (Crescent Fresh Radio) as well as about to be going from assistant music director to just straight up music director. Nothing that pays, but it's alot of fun. With this being said, I guess now would be a good time to point out that if you are in a label or in a band, send stuff to the station! There is a mailing address on the Asheville FM webpage you can send anything to. So, while no, I'm almost definitely not going to release your band, maybe you can get some airplay and maybe I'll help with that?

Then there's the other big thing that has been holding me back that has been stated in some of the more recent news postings before this: money problems. Well, I'm not straight up ballin' (yet) but I'm definitely back on my feet. So, things are gonna get more active around here. I even got an assistant for the label y'all! Her name is Courtney and I'm paying her in tacos. I'm dead serious, tacos rule. Knowing her, this move will definitely help me out in keeping motivated on the label side of things.

So here's the state of releases to come. Soft Opening are going way strong right now and are finishing up a recording. This recording is being done at UNC-A which rules because they have analog recording equipment and Soft Opening get to use it with someone going to school there. The verdict: hell-muthafuckin'-yeah! And that's not even the best part! Out with the 7" idea, hello full-length LP! That's right, Humdinger is going to have a piece in our first ever full-length 12" release! Super exciting! It looks like Family Night will be helping out as well.

As for Flies Around It, the 7" material has been mixed...it sounds AMAZING (might have a couple of light tweeks to do before it's totally finished though)! This is easily the best thing I have ever been involved in recording. Unfortunately, Steve Ritt has left town for an extended amount of time yet again and this time is being replaced. There is no definite to who the new drummer will be yet, but I assure you that will be taken care of, damned soon. But, until that happens, focus is taken a bit away from pushing to get this out. So Soft Opening's recording will easily be first and it is now expected that this one will be out earlier next year.

Distro...well, this I've been neglecting to a ridiculous degree and NEED to get back on it. Plenty of people have contacted me about doing trades and I've totally sucked at going through on them. I plan to get ahold of everyone who has contacted me about a trade I haven't worked out (though if you happen to be one of these people: feel free to email me again if I don't email you first). There are a few additions to the distro though that are definitely worth checking out. Stuff from Peter Stubb, Migra Violenta, Altercado, Silence, and Sick Terror have all just been added so go eat that stuff up!

One last note: the Humdinger label/distro display will be out during the Sunday afternoon potluck/BBQ of Do Ya Hear We? Fest in Chattanooga, occurring June 3-6. It's going to be a wildass time with many great bands, don't miss it if you can help it!

1/11/10: Alright yall, getting this new year started off with the continuation of haggard times, and though I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I'm sincerely hoping it's not a train. Still dead broke right when I thought I was about to come out of it thanks to the END of legal troubles causing financial woes. The END! Next month things should be turning around.

I am a lil worried about what will end up being released in 2010. Flies Around It's recording is still in the mixing stages. Should've been finished ages ago but I can't say I'm in a hurry because I don't have the money to put this out anymore. I don't exactly know what I'm gonna do. I really wanted to do this release myself but at this rate, I don't know when I'll be able to do that. Helping Soft Opening with their potential 7" is still in the works too and that will be an easier task financially, but everything is at a ridiculous state and very up-in-the-air. I'm keepin' the faith though...cross those fingers yall!

Some good news: just got some distro additions in! Melt-Banana, Globsters, Tony Wain And The Payne, and Anna Banana releases have been added, all on vinyl! Very excited to get these all in and you should be excited enough to pick some of it up. Get into it.

And finally, as I like to do yearly if I have any sort of platform to do so, I made a top 10 releases of 2009, barring Humdinger releases. I kinda already regret not including the Soft Opening cdr-ep and the Globsters 7" on this list, but it's already been seen by some...so it's final and I'll just have to deal with that. Oh, and many of these are in the distro *hint hint*...

10)Reigning Sound Love and Curses LP (In The Red)
first release as an all-Asheville band and this kills as much as "Time Bomb High School". they still got it!

9)Mission Of Burma The Sound The Speed The Light LP (Matador)
reunions can be scary, Mission Of Burma's has proven to be fabulous. whew!

8)De Høje Hæle US Tour Edition 7" (self-released)
the Danish punk/garage scene never ceases to amaze me and here's their newest prize for the world to embrace!

7)Melt-Banana Initial T 7" (Init)
another stellar Melt-Banana release, this time by our friends at Init. stoked squared!

6)Bad Blood Revival Tongue Twisting Tunes For Tiny Tons LP (Dead Broke)
Brooklyn's dirtier version of "region rock" is becoming what I consider to be the scene to notice right now. BBR's sludgy styles are part of this scene you should embrace lovingly!

5)Stupid Party self-titled LP (Freedom School)
Brooklyn, again, kills it, again. sometimes spacey and even a bit on the psych side of life, all seriously rokken!

4)Sonic Youth The Eternal (Matador)
not only their first indie release in over two decades but also my favourite since the 90s. louder guitars, killer songwriting, and still my fav band ever!

3)Grass Widow self-titled LP (Make A Mess) & self-titled EP (Captured Tracks)
just as I said about their demo last year, every time I listen to them, I tear up because the unbelievably chilling harmonizing just runs through my body like ice cold water

2)Hidden Spots Hundred Million Voices LP (Mauled By Tigers) & split 7" w/Black Rainbow (Starcleaner)
"region rock" all-star lovefest just can't be stopped yall!

1)Screaming Females Power Move LP (Don Giovanni)
a Razorcake review for this pointed out that influences likely came from bands like Jefferson Airplane, Black Sabbath, Bikini Kill, and Sonic Youth. that in itself is amazing, just in terms of trying to think how that would sound, and is pretty accurate I'd say. wildy original and downright fucking amazing!

12/4/09: Hard times here at Humdinger. Right now I am ridiculously broke and still owe a month and a half's worth of rent, then bills, then I owe people money. It sucks, hard. I lost my job and didn't find another one for five and a half weeks. I've seen a stupid amount of Family Guy. It got old really, really fast!

Now I am on week three of work and actually have more than $2 in my bank account for the first time in about a month. I also got food stamps and have a plethora of choices for eating, whoo! So obviously, things are on the up. I was actually able to buy some Black Rainbow/Hidden Spots 7"s for distro, which is the first distro addition made in a while (oh, and I also listed the AK-77/Death Statistic 7", which I somehow didn't add to distro when I got some this summer). Soon I'll be able to fulfill some trades that have been proposed to me over the past couple months because I actually have money for shipping...so if you've been waiting on a trade from me, this is what's been going on and know that I'm about to get back in touch with you. Soon, I'll even have money for releases again!

About upcoming releases. First off, the Flies Around It recording is now in the mixing stages, so that will be ready soon enough. I'm not really in a huge hurry to get this out though because I'm not so sure about the spring touring plans. It's coming though, and I do still think we'll see this out sometime in the spring.

Also, it turns out Patrick in Soft Opening is not quitting the band because his plans to move have been called off, which is of course awesome! They are playing their first show back on the 5th (it's at Static Age with Orphan, Child Abuse, and Lulo at 8pm if you happen to be in the area and see this in time) and it appears they may be recording in January...so it's possible that the Soft Opening 7" is likely back in the works! Before I commit to helping on this again I'm going to wait until the recording actually happens. Nevertheless, be on the lookout!

On an unrelated note: Crescent Fresh Radio (my radio show) is back on Asheville FM! Check out the website and give a listen! I'm also assistant music director there and have been working on getting music submissions into the station. If you run a label or are in a band that would like to get played on air, let me know and we'll work something out. Anything you send will be available for the entire radio station as it will live there. AFM just started up in mid-September and it is VERY exciting to know that Asheville finally has a rad radio station. Please check it out and listen to Crescent Fresh Radio, on Wednesday's 11pm-1am eastern US time zone.

Now...fucking buy something! I need money! No shame...

10/6/09: The past three months have been totally insane. Seriously...but you need not worry about much of that...

First off, some updates on releases since it's been forever. First off, the Soft Opening 7" is off as Patrick, the bassist, has quit the band. There has been some debate and it looks like a new bassist is possible...but really, I wouldn't hold my breath. If that happens and this 7" idea comes up again, I'll almost surely be right back behind it. The Flies Around It 7" is still on, but I wouldn't expect that til a bit later...early spring of next year is the projected release date because Flies Around it is planning to tour later in the spring. The recording is still at the same place: my vocals haven't been recorded. Somewhat ridiculous all in all. It took a really long time for my voice to completely recover. I quit smoking (though I'm kinda starting back up...oops) to allow my voice to come back. Now I am moving (more on that later) and it looks like all my stuff will be in my new house by this Friday. So, the recording SHOULD be finished next week. Though, life proves it's chaos and lack of free time to cause for inevitable delays. You will be kept posted.

There have been some distro updates. Some stuff has been taken off because I have actually been selling stuff a wee bit more as of late, which is nice, but there is new stuff available from Bad Blood Revival and De Høje Hæle (or, as translated into English, "The High Heels"). Also, there are several trades I have neglected as of late. A financial snag that I am coming out of and various things, including moving as of late, have kept me away. I think I am willing to do a trade with everyone who has asked me recently that I have either not sent my end of the trade or haven't gotten back to you on what I want. I promise, everything is coming along faster now and everything will be resolved...very soon...within days even?

OK, now the fact that I'm moving. Don't send anything to the 38 Mulberry Street address anymore. Humdinger's new address: 15 Elkin St. / Asheville, NC 28806 / United States. Feel free to send me stuff. Promos? Well, maybe I'll like your band...I'm probably not putting yall out though...

7/1/09: Been slacking on an update...but the Peter Stubb "Southern Suicide" extended re-release cassette came out in time for Do Ya Hear We Fest...which means, get one! $4 before shipping and paypal charges. 26 tracks clocking in somewhere around 50 minutes. Exciting indeed!

So, still have two releases planned for this year. Soft Opening's 7" has been pushed back a lil bit with the idea of possibly recording two new songs for a 7" as opposed to using anything off the "Pistilate" cd-r ep they just released a couple months back (also available in the distro). This should still be out around summer's end. The recording for Flies Around It's 3-song 7" is almost finished (my vocals are all that's left and I'll be finishing that once my voice has completely recovered from Do Ya Hear We Fest, which right after I sounded quite a bit like Captain Beefheart. it's been a week and a half and, while I sound normal, the screams ain't happening). That will hopefully be out before the year ends.

Also, a small distro add with some stuff I got from Do Ya Hear We Fest (AK-77/Death Statistic 7" and the Horrible Odds LP for only $7 before other charges!). Also, I'm finally out of Kakistocracy LPs, which I've had had long after it went out of print. I still have their split 7" with Authority Abuse, but only a couple more (which has been out of print way longer than the LP and will surely never be repressed). Just thought I'd send the head's up...

5/2/09: PRINCESS THUNDERSTORM "MANEATER" 7" NOW OUT!!! $4 (before shipping or paypal charges), BUY BUY BUY!!!

Next up: Peter Stubb's "Southern Suicide + more" cassette to be out in time for Do Ya Hear We Fest in Chattanooga (6/19-22) and Soft Opening 7" to be out in time for some travelings they are doing in July. This is starting to feel like a real record label!!!

4/23/09: On the shelves as of yesterday is the new Mountain Xpress, the local more entertainment driven publication here in town (you know the type). The cover story is on local record labels, more concentrating on vinyl, and people who help out (oh, and even techno dudes who disagree). Of course, Humdinger Records is in this article:

Now a face has been put to the label. Oh well. Liz Allen did a bangin' job on the article and yeah, you should go read it. Couple things to note about my picture: 1)in the table of contents (in the actual print version), it's a close-up of my head. It was pointed out today that, especially in that edit of the photo, I look like a total hater. It is true. I do indeed look quite the hater. 2)the records behind me from left to right are Blowfly, La Fraction, Kiss, Prince, and Rod Stewart. I think that should represent me well (in the close-up in the table of contents, Ace Frehley is right over my right shoulder, hovering like a guardian angel. oh, Space Ace!).

In other news, the Princess Thunderstorm "Maneater" 7" will be ready in time for their roadtrip across North Carolina specifically (dui's for a point over in the afternoon on a Monday at 4PM in a roadblock on our street, most likely targetting the trailer park above us due to it being almost entirely of Latino population, are pretty ridiculous. "buzzed driving" my ass!), which begins on May 2nd in Boone. Let's consider this the release date. The 7" release party in Asheville will be May 9th at Broadways (oogles screwed everything up for the Gay St house and their rad run of shows, so it had to be moved. it's also 21+ now. times be hard yall!), with American Cheeseburger from Athens, Think Twice from Knoxville, and Electric Damn.

There is bad news though. The cover art that our friend Potato in Minneapolis designed for the cover was on some sort of print (a linolium print I do believe), and it broke. There will not be another print made, so this will no longer be done at the Handcranked Letterpress. Fortunately, a new cover idea has been made and the layout and everything is on it's way. This delays nothing and, again, the 7" will definitely be ready in time for their NC roadtrip. Feel free to pre-order!

Oh, and one thing I wanted to clarify. In a previous update, I mentioned that the Princess Thunderstorm 7" is on various colours of vinyl. While this is true, I figure I'd be more specific on something: EVERY RECORD IS IT'S EACH INDIVIDUAL SHADE OF WHATEVER COLOUR! So ok, there's three or four colours that all got mixed in with grey. Some of the records are more grey than others...some are more the colour that got mixed with grey. If you want every colour, you're gonna have to buy every record in the press of 350. That won't be possible but hey, you're welcomed to try to get as many of them as you can. Hah!

Everything else planned is still on the way. It's all rollin' right along. Oh dang!

4/8/09: Just added mp3s for both the Princess Thunderstorm 7" ("Maneater") and the Peter Stubb cassette ("Six 'n the Nine"). You should give a listen. The Princess Thunderstorm 7"s are here, on various colours (not my choice, I swear...I will NEVER spill the amounts of each colour to the public! fuck you commodifier of the scene!). The cover art is still in the process, hopefully on the way in just days. I think I may've figured out the b-side album for the Peter Stubb double re-release. The a-side might end up being quite a bit longer...but whatever. You'll deal with it. Shit, you'll be in love even. Peter writes the most magnificient love songs ever really.

Kurt Cobain died 15 years today. How many people of my generation that are way into music have this date memorized? Many...I already know this answer.

4/1/09: Springtime muthafuckas!!! Seems like it's been the right time for Humdinger releases (all but the first release came out in the spring) and we got some tight styles on the way!

The Princess Thunderstorm 7" will be out this month unless something freakish happens. The actual vinyl is now paid for and should be here in a couple weeks. The covers are still being worked on, but when the art is finished, the covers are going to be pumped out here in locally at the Handcranked Letterpress (the same place the covers for Princess Thunderstorm's first 7" and the first run of the Reagan's Bones 7"s were printed), so they are guaranteed to be really nice. "Maneater" is the a-side, "Rock Is Dead" is the b-side. I'm going to try to get one of these tracks up here really soon. Get stoked!

The Peter Stubb tape is still in the works. I am still working on trying to figure out what the b-side album is going to be. A bit of slackness, a bit of life being jam-packed as of late. I also have some mp3s of Peter Stubb's, including a handful of songs from "Southern Suicide" (the a-side album). Whenever I put up an mp3 for the Princess Thunderstorm 7", I plan on uploading one of those songs: "6 and the 9". Double-digit number, have a hell of a time!

Now, for the new plans. It looks like release #8 is going to be a 7" for Asheville's Soft Opening (members of Chops, Descolada, Sex Patriates, etc). Very heavy and loud, yet kinda droney stuff. I've seen them twice and I'm mad excited about them, so I offered to help them get a 7" out that they were planning. This will be a split release with a label or two maybe. You can go do a myspace search on them if you'd like to hear them.

Also, I spent 16 hours drinking in Chattanooga the other day (not unheard of in Chattanooga honestly) and a good chunk of that was spent at a show that the Hidden Spots jumped on when This Bike Is A Pipebomb dropped off. Afterwards, I was so stoked to have seen them (again) and talked to Eric Nelson for the longest time, getting more and more excited about things. What things? Eh...it's a secret...

Finally, just added tons of stuff to the distro for the first time in around three months, so go check that out and spend some casheesh so I can keep putting out sweet sweet records. Ooh dang!

2/9/09: Since I'm guessing you probably entered the page through the main page, you noticed the new logo. If so, does Humdinger Records have a hell of a punch for you in 2009! Damn yeah!

So, real news. First off, the bummer stuff. I am no longer doing anything for Grass Widow. Their 12" is being taken care of by Make A Mess Records and it appears someone is now taking care of their 7" as well. I believe it is another bay area label and I believe I may've fantacized a time or two about going out there & beating whomever is doing it up, taking their money, and putting it out myself. But, I have to say that I'm glad someone's got them covered if I'm not doing it. I'm eagerly wanting to hear what they got coming out and am sure I'll have a few copies of that stuff in the distro. Meanwhile, I'll still hope. One day...?

Now, good news kinda stuff. The Princess Thunderstorm 7" is at the pressing plant now. We'll probably see test pressings in a couple weeks. As of right now, it is to be a split release with Family Night Records (thus far, they've released the Electric Damn/Princess Thunderstorm 12" as well as a Peter Stubb 12", the first every vinyl documentation of the man, with more on the way). I expect this to be out in April (that's just my guess right now). You stoked? Damn yeah you are!

And some other news that's not really terrible but not something to jump up and down about. The Peter Stubb release is being put back. The reason for this is I have decided that, although I quickly came to the conclusion that I wanted the Southern Suicide release to be the album on side A, I want to somewhat thoroughly take on what is hours upon hours of material this man has released. I know that I want to pick something out from the past decade (it seems so many people know so much more about what he did in the 90s than what he's done since, which is fairly odd I think) and that's about as far as I am right now. I expect that this will still be released fairly soon (hopefully right after the PTS 7"...so let's say, May?).

There's a couple other things that could be happening with Humdinger Records as well, but we'll have to wait to see how it all develops. You know...record industry stuff...

1/2/09: Holy shit, another year. This actually makes the 12th year of existence for Humdinger. That's kinda bullshit, but I'm stickin' to it. What will the new hand logo be this year? (If you haven't noticed by now, each year the hand gesture in the logo changes.) The British "fuck off" was alot of fun though, eh?

So, what better way to bring in the new year than by getting to business and making a big announcement. Humdinger will be helping Princess Thunderstorm release a new 7"! That's right, the madness continues. More fury, more wild style. The recording has been made and the money is in order, so the process should be quick. It'll be a split release with other labels, though I'm not sure who right off. Posted you will be kept. Now, since I'm doing this, can we stop calling it "region rock"? Such a stupid name!

And finally...other than a couple of these releases being in the distro, this has nothing to do with Humdinger, but I made a top 10 fav albums of '08 list (excluding Humdinger releases, because I did like them enough to put out after all!). This would've been something I would've done back in the Masterdik Webzine days possibly and I figured what the hell, right? So, here it is. A couple of these are major label releases, so don't stone me to death for that. A good record is a good fucking record. I don't listen to Guns n Roses or the Geto Boys because I think they're solid dudes...

10)T.I. Paper Trail LP (Grand Hustle/Atlantic)
"Whatever You Like" won't leave my fucking head and, other than that stupid vocoder vocal effect used on the album by guests Rihanna and Lil Wayne, the other songs on the album are pretty rad

9)Black Panda/Holocaust In Your Head 7" (Rust And Machine/Trabuc)
two Spanish bands that make the d-beat sound exciting with some sweet-ass wailin' guitar style

8)Killer Dreamer's third album (Razorcake)
the best Pedro band since the Minutemen and they get better every album

7)Hidden Spots Important Transmissions (ADD) & Secret Noise (Plan-I-X South) 7"s
everything Eric Nelson does is gold...best band in Chattanooga right now

6)Black Rainbow self-titled (Thrillhouse) & Radiate (Left Off The Dieal) 7"s
favourite band Ivy and Eric have done since Miami, and this sounds alot like that band, which is a damned good thing

5)Peter Stubb Selected Cuts Vol 1 LP(Family Night)
I wished every "singer/songwriter" was as vulgarly awesome as this Dalton, GA wildass

4)Annihilation Time III: Tales Of the Ancient Age LP(Tee Pee)
longer guitar solos and the fact that I don't imagine much could be better than mixing Thin Lizzy and Black Flag makes me love the hell outta this one

3)Grass Widow demo tape (self-released)
every time I listen to this, I tear up because the unbelievably chilling harmonizing just runs through my body like ice cold water

2)Al Green Lay It Down LP (Blue Note/EMI)
if you told someone who didn't know alot about Al Green's catalog this album was the follow up to 'Let's Stay Together', they would never doubt you

1)Broken Strings self-titled LP (True Panther Sounds)
catchy as hell musically and lyrically...would it be going too far if I said this could be the best 4-track recording I've ever heard?

2008 was a great year for music...better than many that has preceeded it. I wonder what 2009 has in store...

11/30/08: There have been a great deal of updates. First, that party picture on the index page before you get here...pretty fuckin' funny stuff. Thanks to Mattistocracy for using his mac and artsy skills to help make that image possible, then an ad featuring it for merely beer and some tokeage. Right on!

A handful of links have been added and the distro has seen a bit of a massive update (several additions as well as more short reviews for what's listed within, which will hopefully exist for all releases in the distro very soon). Also, some reviews from other publications have been posted in the releases section. The Jacuzzi Suicide 7" review in Razorcake: hillarious shit, best bad review ever (especially since I'm the guy singing whose voice does the things it does to the reviewer...thanks Todd!).

Oh, and here's that ad I was talking about earlier. The ad, at the very least, will be posted in upcoming issues of Razorcake and Maximum RnR...

10/21/08: Humdinger Records webpage is up! Take one...action!!!