7/9/16: Europe: Go see Dolores de Huevos in a town near you!!!

10/15/15: Pre-order your copy of Dolores de Huevos Incomplete Works cassette now!!!

9/29/15: Dolores de Huevos tour dates! Check 'em:

9/25/15: We've decided to give the people what they deserve. Introducing "La Mascara de la Muerte Roja", the brand new track from Dolores de Huevos to be featured exclusively on their Incomplete Works cassette, out 10/21/15. Enjoy:


Dolores De Huevos "Incomplete Works" cassette out 10.21.15

This cassette release, limited to 200, is the combination of the first two EPs from Dolores de Huevos with a bonus track recorded exclusively for this tape (in other words: it's not a B-side/throwaway people!). At their core, Dolores, hailing from Mexico City, are essentially a hardcore band with melodic tendencies. However, they also tend to pull from emo hardcore bands of old Dischord Records days as well as ball-busting (pun most definitely intended) rock n roll. Sometimes they even go straight for left-field: the tape opens with some scat. I'm dead serious...and it's all awesomely mixed into a masterpiece of a band.

In addition to this release, Dolores will also be doing a tour of the eastern US! It begins with a casseette release show on October 21st in Brooklyn, NY at Don Pedro. The tour will lead them down south to The Fest in Gainesville, FL. Dates will be posted here very soon.

Until then, enjoy "La Naturaleza Incohiriente del Ser", the fourth track off the cassette and originally the kinda-sorta title track (slightly different spelling of "Incoherente") from their second EP. It's damn good I tell ya!

1/3/15: A new year. No announcements for now but a couple projects are still being discussed. Until then, enjoy the Humdinger top 10 albums of 2015:

1)Priests - Bodies and Control and Money and Power (Don Giovanni/Sister Polygon)
2)PyPy - Pagan Day (Slovenly/Black Gladiator)
3)Electric Wizard - Time To Die (Spinefarm)
4)Black Rainbow - s/t (Starcleaner)
5)Survival Knife - Loose Power (Glacial Pace)
6)Lecherous Gaze - Zeta Feticuli Blues (Tee Pee)
7)The Budos Band - Burnt Offering (Daptone)
8)Perfect Pussy - Say Yes To Love (Captured Tracks)
9)Nux Vomica - s/t (Relapse)
10)Tacocat - NVM (Hardly Art)

10/25/14: Few things worth a quick mention:

First off, the good people at Fabricoh did a really nice review of the new Flies Around It cassette. Check it out!

As for new releases here at Humdinger, I don't like to make promises but it looks like 2015 could be a big year for this lil ol label! Nothing is definite yet but there's a handful of release projects being discussed with bands that could be involved. Stay tuned!

Speaking of staying tuned, there will be a fairly decent distro update coming...and I mean "decent" in the way it resonates in the vocabulary of Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys. Stuff from Broken Water, Psychic Blood, Black Rainbow, Lilith Velkor, and more on the way! There won't be an announcement on here when this occurs so check the distro out again soon, muthas!

Oh, and probably most importantly: there is only one, I repeat: ONE copy of Peter Stubb's Southern Suicide cassette left in stock. Grab it here! (If this isn't picked up within the next 24 hours I will pass a much scornful judgement upon the universe. Not like that matters, but still...)

7/19/14: After the rad time had on tour and the much needed vacation to old stomping grounds down south, I am back in Brooklyn and getting things back in order. Here's what's going on...

As planned, the Flies Around It All These Years Of Development... cassette dropped on June 24th and is now available on the web-store! There are still several copies left but due to the limited run (100 split between us and Headway Recordings) they likely won't be around for long.

Also other items that were picked up from this year's wild and crazy Do Ya Hear We? Fest in Chattanooga have also been added to the web-store: Purple 7, Dogjaw, Agatha, Ol Scratch, and One Timers are all up in there now. Go check it out!

As for the near future of Humdinger things are going to be slow. Now that I'm back home I also have to work on getting good on debts I owe and won't have the means to funnel a bunch of money into something for us to put out right now. Slowly the distro will be beefed up and I'll be working on ideas for projects in 2015 when I should be totally back on track.

6/14/14: Humdinger Records will be on the road with Exposeur on their mini-tour with Lilith Velkor. The details are below, come rock n roll with us!


JUN 21 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Suburbs w/Polst (OR), Dead Tenants 4PM
JUN 22 - Baltimore, MD @ Barclay House w/Sacridose (Tampa), Spoilage 8PM
JUN 23 - Raleigh, NC @ Slims w/Pie Face Girls, Chimes At Midnight 9PM
JUN 24 - Asheville, NC @ Static Age Records w/Kreamy 'Lectric Santa 8:30 ***Flies Around It cassette release show!
JUN 25 - Hazard, KY @ Cuddle House w/Globsters 7PM
JUN 27 - Chattanooga, TN @ Sluggo's (Do Ya Hear We? Fest) 6PM
JUN 30 - Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter w/Shellshag (BKNY) 5PM ***no Exposeur at this show


Now an easier way to buy Humdinger releases as well as the nearly 100 items currently in the distro. Spend that dough yo!

4/20/14: Here it is, the cover to the upcoming Flies Around It All These Years Of Development... cassette!

The cassette of Flies Around It's full 40 minute set from their last show will be available June 24! Pre-orders coming soon.

The web-store is about to be up any day now. It's essentially done, just trying to make sure that it works exactly how I want it and then it's go time.

Oh, and here's an oldie to celebrate both Easter and 4/20. This was an old Ikkabod patch design (collective artistic product from Derek Eagle and Doug Allison) that unfortunately never got printed. However I found the transparency to share. Happy holidays, burn one for baby Jebus!

4/2/14: The past month and a half have been quite difficult here in Humdinger land. Here, let me tell you all about it.

In mid-February I, JD, fucked myself up really badly in a bicycle accident. I had a spiral fracture of my femur which went up into my hip. I had to have surgery and am now full of lots of fun metal parts. I'm still unable to walk without crutches and almost never leave my basement apartment. Obviously this means that I haven't been working or really doing much of anything outside of playing guitar, video games, and watching way too much television.

So I guess it shouldn't be shocking to hear that the Flies Around It cassette had to be pushed back. Even considering that this will be a more affordable release for us than most it just can't be done right now. Also Headway Recordings, the other label involved with this release, has a full plate for spring. But the good news is the release has only been pushed back to June. Hang in there, it will totally be worth the wait.

Also, since I've had so much time on my hands we are about to finally unveil our new webstore. In a perfect world this will happen this week, but I'm almost willing to guarantee that it will happen this month. Until then: buy something off the old/current distro page and help a crippled jerk in need!

1/9/14: Getting closer to go time everybody! The Flies Around It cassette release of their last show is moving right along and now the Humdinger party wishes to unleash an mp3 of the opening track to the masses!

listen to "I Like Your Feather" here!!!

1/4/14: Happy new year everybody! Hope everyone has recovered and aren't freezing their asses off right now!

The Flies Around It cassette is still on the way. It's been a slower process than anticipated, probably mostly due to the fact that I don't live in the same town as everyone else involved with this project anymore. But everything's being worked out and should be out this winter. Until then, enjoy this silly thing I put together. All ten tracks from the show at once! It's quite maddening to listen to, but I enjoyed it.

Another announcement to make is that Humdinger will FINALLY have our own webstore! I figure everyone enjoys a streamlined approach and I found a place that finally makes sense to use. It's going to take a moment before the store goes online in this format so until then continue to email me for any orders of our releases or anything in the distro.

Also, here's my 2013 best of list if you're into that sort of thing...

1) Is/Is - tour cassette (self-released)
2) Grant Hart - The Argument (Domino)
3) Speedy Ortiz - Major Arcana (Carpark)
4) Joanna Gruesome - Weird Sister (Slumberland)
5) The Oblivians - Desperation (In The Red)
6) Chelsea Light Moving - s/t (Matador)
7) Crystal Stilts - Nature Noir (Sacred Bones)
8) Reivers - Sympathetic Shock (Vendetta)
9) Hunx & His Punx - Street Punk (Hardly Art)
10) Destruction Unit - Deep Trip (Sacred Bones)

Maxi-Reissue Honorable Mentions:
-Unwound - Kid Is Gone (Numero)
-Venom P Stinger 1986-1991 (Drag City)


It's Official: the recording of Flies Around It's last show will see a release on a limited edition pressing of 100 cassettes as a split release with Asheville's Headway Recordings! This should take very little time to get together now that we have the audio sources. In theory this will easily be out before the year's end!

What's special about this recording is that every track outside of one originally released on the 7" has never been properly recorded much less released in any form. Now you can hear Flies Around It as intended in their 40-minute manic goodbye that will soon be available for the masses. I'm so excited to make this Humdinger's first release back after a brief hiatus. Stay tuned as more details develop!

8/14/13: A few updates to mention that I will quickly go over. First off, I just decided to drop the price on the Jacuzzi Suicide 7" to $3! The band has been dead for a while so it seemed reasonable to drop the price since I still have several copies lying around. This was a band I was in for some time. We were a punk band, but a punk band who obsessed over Judas Priest, New York Dolls, and early Motley Crue. I sang mostly in falsetto and we dressed up ridiculously. It was fun. Curious? Well, now curiosity comes at a buck off!

I also decided to drop the price on all CD's and CD-R's in the distro by $1. Consider it a sale price with no end in sight. If you collect CD's there's definitely some great deals in there now!

As for the distro as a whole, I just updated the list for the first time this calender year. The label had to be put on the back-burner while orders came in and a few things got picked up here and there. The distro has thinned out but there's some stuff that was previously unlisted from bands like The Krektones, The Underground Railroad To Candyland, Landlord, Allergic To Bullshit, True Stereo, Ennui, etc. More to come soon!

6/7/13: So, for once, there's a bunch of updates here that you should know about...if that kind of thing matters to you.

So first, the big news: I moved to Brooklyn, NY and of course that means so has Humdinger Records. For the time being all of the inventory is in storage but this does not mean that it is inaccessible. However if you order something it may take some time as, I'm sure it goes without saying, I have tons on my plate. But I am going to the storage unit every week or two and am definitely still taking orders that I can fill while there. The distro is a bit out of date so a small handful of things are out of stock and I have a couple things I still need to list. That may not get updated for a moment, not sure. All I do know is I don't have my records in my living quarters with me anymore so it's kind of hard to be as on top of what I have. For now I'll keep selling records, keep acquiring records to be listed for the distro, and then eventually a distro update will come.

Band news...first off, Flies Around It played their last show last month with Broken Water and That's A Thing. The show was broadcasted live on Asheville Freemedia and I am in the process of getting my hands on a recording. So while, very unfortunately, there was no other recording than the 7" released as was hoped, there is a plan for a limited cassette run release of this live set and Humdinger will have a part in this for sure. If it sounds anything like what I had reported to me from people listening online then this will be a pretty tight compromise to not having a swan-song recording. Sometimes you gotta take what you get and sometimes what you get aint half bad!

Soft Opening are out and about and alive, still killing it on the road here and there. They don't have any road plans currently as they are waiting on getting their second full-length out to the world. Unfortunately Humdinger will most likely not have a hand in helping on this release but you should get really really excited knowing that it's on the way!

Outside of the hopeful Flies' cassette release the projected output from Humdinger is still looking to be slow. My focus for the time being is mostly on getting settled in overall, which I imagine will be somewhat of a continuing process, at least over the summer anyways. But I foresee a big boost in the future of what's to come here and that's pretty cool I'd say. Stay tuned...

1/13/13: Still quiet in the world of Humdinger Records. The label isn't dead, it's not fading's just been hiatus time outside of some distro updates that have went undocumented as of late. Keep ordering them records and more stuff will be on the way eventually. For now here's my late top 10 list of '12:

1) Grass Widow - Internal Logic (HLR)
2) Frozen Teens - s/t (MAULED BY TIGERS)
3) Nu Sensae - Sundowning (SUICIDE SQUEEZE)
4) Common Visions - Dangers Of the Mouth (self-released)
5) Hellshovel - Hated By the Sun (SLOVENLY)
6) Broken Water - Tempest (HARDLY ART)
7) Ty Segall Band - Slaughterhouse (IN THE RED)
8) Screaming Females - Ugly (DON GIOVANNI)
9) Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Meat and Bone (MOM + POP)
10) The Men - Open Your Heart (SACRED BONES)

Honorable Mention (or: notable releases of the year that weren't recorded in '12):
-Hickey - Various States Of Disrepair (1-2-3-4 GO!) *extended re-release of a pre-existing compilation album
-Sonic Youth - Smart Bar Chicago 1985 (GOOFIN') *live set from almost three decades ago

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